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KN-95 Face Masks

KN-95 Face Masks


Either one still does not protect as good one KN-95

Our KN-95’s have a 95% efficiency rating. See chart below.

FDA Approved

• Individually sealed

• Form fitting

• Comfortable, Safe & Effective

• Provides hours & hours of true and proven protection

• Certified, Registered, and Report proven compliance & authenticity

The KN95 is a lab-tested face mask to stop the transmission of moisture to and from the mouth and nose.Has 5 layers of filters:-Filter for large particles-Filter for micron particles-Enhance filtration for small particles-Protective Layer-Soft skin-friendly layer closest to the skin.-Comes with nose grip to help mould to the face. Elasticated straps.-Our KN95 are FDA Approved...
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