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Have a speical tools need to be manufactured? find cost effective solution, Contact us for free consultation.

4 Flutes Serration Tool Cutting Diameter              3/8"Shank Diameter                3/8"Length of Cut (LOC)           1"Overall Length (OAL)        3" Product Features:45 Degree Helix maximizes tool core rigidity and also improves chip removal rateVariable Index Geometry designed to minimize chatter resulting in an exceptional finishEccentric OD Relief (positive arched cutting edge) for increased strength of the cutting edgesManufactured in the U.S.A. using premium 10% cobalt micrograin carbide..
Solid Carbide Phillips 5 Cutting ToolThis 8 flutes solid carbide phillips 5 cutting tool are developed from 5/8" dia. solid carbide.  Shank are grinded down to .375" diameter with .1730" length of cut with 92 and 162 included angle built around this cutting tools...
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